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      1. Diehl Metering

        At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

        It′s my job to save global resources by implementing smartest metering solutions and services.

        Benjamin Strau?, Head of Costumer Solution Center, provides excellent smart metering solutions and services to our customers which include IoT connectivity and software.

        At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

        It's my job to develop smart metering innovations that benefit our environment

        Roland Gottschalk, Project Leader Research & Development, develops with his project teams Automated Meter Reading solutions at Diehl Metering in Germany.

        At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

        It‘s my job to create production processes for high quality metering products.

        Ramona Friedl, Process Engineer, develops fully automated production lines at Diehl Metering in Germany.

        At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

        It‘s my job to develop smart software solutions to save global resources.

        Dino Tsoumakis, Head of Software Development, provides latest big-data technology and data analytics to locations all over the world at Diehl Metering in Germany.

        Diehl Metering: Solutions for Smart Energy Use

        As a full-service provider, Diehl Metering supplies the entire process chain from meters to billing. The company with currently 1,600 employees worldwide has been shaping the history of metering for more than 150 years. Using highly accurate meters and intelligent system solutions, we enable the economic and eco-friendly use of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity.


        What We Stand For

        Diehl Metering covers all segments of the energy sector with individual systems and integrated communication solutions, taking into account both legal and customer requirements, as well as country- and market-specific particularities.

        The products and services of Diehl Metering enable customers to take advantage of considerable efficiency potentials in their accounting, billing and servicing processes, and the end user is provided with the necessary transparency to save energy costs. We contribute to improved cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly use of natural resources and energy. 

        Our Technologies and Products

        Over 7 million meters and approx. 5 million radio modules are annually produced in-house and supplied to our customers worldwide. For many years, the development efforts at Diehl Metering have concentrated on communication capabilities.

        Today, our customers can rely on a comprehensive range of innovative wireless and M-bus readout technologies as well as associated software for energy data management in the field of systems engineering. Precise energy consumption measurements with automatic meter reading and transmission of the consumption data are the prerequisites for energy efficiency and thus for all related issues such as home automation, smart grid and e-mobility.

        Due to standardized communication, water, heat/cold, gas and electricity consumption can be read on the same system platform. 

        • Your New Employer in Facts and Figures

          Your New Employer in Facts and Figures Your New Employer in Facts and Figures
          • One of our management executives has started his career as an intern in our company.
          • We developed and produced the first water metering device 120 years ago.
          • 20 percent of all energy consumption can be saved if energy data is transparent to the end users.
          • A communicating meter can be read out by a passing vehicle at 50 km/h with Diehl Metering technology.
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