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      1. Develop

        I get the support I need to enhance my qualifications.

        Gerg? Mezei, Head of Logistics, is responsible for logistics processes at Diehl Aviation in Hungary.

        Great Prospects for Your Career

        It is the people with potential, ambition and the will to perform who work with Diehl. Making optimal use of these traits benefits our workforce and the company as a whole. This is why our Corporate Divisions, as well as the Diehl Group in general, offer numerous development programs to identify and advance high-potential employees.

        • Personal Development Personal Development

          Personal Development

          Learn about the basic principles and goals of our diverse development programs, and how you can benefit from them.

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        • Diehl Expert Group Diehl Expert Group

          Diehl Expert Group

          The Diehl Expert Groups ensure and expand our technological competence through close networking of our most experienced employees.

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        • Potential Groups Potential Groups

          Potential Groups

          Diehl fills the majority of its management level vacancies with long-term employees – our Potential Group system helps to find the right ones.

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        • Young Graduates Program Young Graduates Program

          Young Graduates Program

          Our Corporate Division Diehl Metall welcomes new colleagues coming straight from university with the Young Graduates Program.

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        • Mentoring Mentoring


          Mentoring at Diehl connects employees of different generations, ensuring efficient knowledge transfer and fresh impulses for both sides.

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        • Management Development Management Development

          Management Development

          The Management Development promotes our specialists in the non-technical fields and offers group-wide perspectives.

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