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      1. Mentoring

        I owe a lot to the personal support I received.

        Boris Bosnjak, Software Engineer, develops intelligent solutions at Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH in Wangen.

        Experience and Potential in Dialogue

        A new Diehl colleague is guided for one year by one experienced professional and senior executive: This is the basic principle of Diehl Mentoring. And it works: Mentoring brings benefits for both sides. 

        The Purpose of Mentoring

        The one-year Mentoring is a great way to steer knowledge transfer across the group – because both sides benefit from the beginning. 

        The Mentee

        … learns to understand and assess his / her own skills.

        … gets assistance in his / her own activities.

        … develops the courage to find his / her very own career path as well as the strength to head for it in a determined, purposeful way.

        … becomes part of a network providing impetus and contacts.

        … receives a concluding feedback regarding professional and personal skills, potential and directions for development by the mentor at the end of the year.

        The Mentor

        … receives new ideas and input from a fresh perspective.

        … has the opportunity to reflect upon his / her own work.

        … trains his / her social and communicative competence and extends his / her personal network in the group.

        Mentorships are special at Diehl. Who is selected as mentee depends on various individual criteria, such as personal interest, the Potential Group of a candidate, or a former enrollment in our Trainee Program. Let your manager know if you would like to apply!

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