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        Sina Hostert

        Companies deal differently with the requirements of the digital world. "We do not want to participate half-heartedly in digitization but take advantage of the opportunity," Sina Hostert says. "Our products as well as our workplaces are to reflect digital transformation."

        Sina Hostert Sina Hostert

        Harmonization of the IT world is the first of many necessary steps. "Future-oriented ideas require modern IT tools which our employees like to use," the project manager declares. "The new, standardized working world enables us to ensure internal cooperation but also communication with customers and partners worldwide."

        When energy providers read off smart meters in households today, this is in many cases done precisely by automatic meter reading. The measurement results can then be called up from a system platform and processed further.

        "Four our customers, we want to be a system supplier. We not only offer products but comprehensive solutions where products and services complement each other." Sina Hostert explains.

        "The energy consumption of an accommodation unit or a city district can thus be determined precisely and optimized. Smart metering, the smart use of energy, helps our customers to make better use of energy. Climate also benefits from that," Sina Hostert adds. 

        Smart cities will in the future be supplied with water, heat, gas and electricity via interconnected consumption meters providing smart measurement and control. With digital and secure solutions from Diehl Metering, energy supply is ready for the Internet of Things.

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