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      1. Polished ideas and sustainable production.

        High-performance materials for future trends: We develop copper alloys with specific characteristics tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. Our materials are versatile in use and can be completely recycled.

        Copper Alloys

        We get metal into shape.

        Comprehensive know-how and service from one source: We offer application-specific current-carrying solutions in an integrated value-adding chain. In so doing, we rely on high-tech production processes and work together with our customers to develop individual concepts.


        We forge successful ideas.

        Working together for product success: As a competent development and production partner, we support our customers in implementing intelligent product solutions for safe drinking water applications and for the automotive industry.

        Die Forgings

        We generate innovative product solutions.

        Setting standards for modern alloys: Our high-quality brass semi-finished goods are used to produce durable products for applications in various industries. Our rods, tubes and profiles are thus found in many areas of daily life.

        Rods, Tubes, Profiles
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